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Sexual Exploitation

Sexual exploitation of a child, as described in Georgia statutes, may include allowing, encouraging or forcing a child to solicit for or engage in prostitution, or engage in a sexual performance. Charges can also be brought in situations where an adult is accused of exposing minors to harmful motion pictures, exhibitions, shows, presentations or representations.

Whether you are an individual who may have been a victim of sexual exploitation, a child who may have been sexually abused, a woman who had to face sexual abuse from a partner or an elderly who was sexually abused or exploited at a nursing home in Georgia, you need to get in touch with a sexual exploitation lawyer in Evans, GA, immediately. The office of Attorney Elmer Young with offices in Evans, GA, Savannah, GA and Augusta, Georgia can be reached at (912) 236-4384 or (706) 284-4380

We have represented and defended clients in the most serious sex crime cases in Georgia.

Georgia Child Abuse Attorney

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