Georgia Child Abuse Attorney

Client Testimonials

“Thanks to Attorney Young and his wonderful staff I was very pleased with the outcome. They always treated me nice and pleasant.”


“I had a great experience with Mr. Young every since the first day I contacted him. He did a case evaluation over the phone and told me what could happen and what he could do for me. He explained the whole situation out for me and told me to think about it and give him a call back if i wanted him to represent me. I contacted Mr. Young again and sent him all of my paperwork and signed the contract. Mr. Young was very informative and told me that everything was going to be okay. He stayed in contact with me throughout the process. I really appreciated working with Mr. Young and would recommend him to anyone to hire if they needed a lawyer. He was very dedicated to the case. I am thankful that I picked him and I am grateful of the outcome. I kept my license and I’m happy. Thank you Mr. Young.”

A Satisfied Client

“I have been a client of Mr. Young III on two separate occasions. I will tell you that he was invaluable as an advocate for my rights during both procedures.

One event included a situation where clearly a clerical error had been made on my record by the State of Georgia. Mr. Young worked tirelessly and gave me sound advice and personal effort on his part which corrected a very tangled situation.

When one feels as if they’ve fallen through the cracks of the safety net of Justice, it’s very reassuring to have a man like E.H.(Pete) Young III on your side. He was a tireless fighter, and always had the interest of me, his client, as his main focus. I consider Mr. E. H Young, not just a fine defense attorney, but also a man I can call my friend. Thank you, Walter.”


“Mr. Young is honest and loyal to his clients. He works hard And will work with His clients on fees. Always answers or calls back when you need him.”


“For quick and reliable information, I have called upon Mr. Young to advise me if I should pursue a case in a matter, wanting only the truth of both sides of doing so — yes to my advantage, and yes to my disadvantage. I received quick and documented information that would allow me to make a decision to not pursue that case immediately but to wait for all possible outcomes to become evident.

I have thus recommended him for several friends who have had an immediate need, and I can tell you he is not “out for the money” but always thinks of being a real helper and advocate, and at the same time, being personally caring and not in a rush to “get you through and get paid.” Instead, he is willing to forego a case if it’s not to one’s advantage. This is brave and truthful.”

A Satisfied Client

“Mr. Young has been an invaluable source of knowledge and support for our homeowner’s association in all the variable and intricate legal questions we have been involved with over the years. He is also a thoughtful and generous friend and neighbor.”


“Mr. Young is a very professional and honest lawyer. His communication and understanding of the law and all situations is a true asset. Mr. Young took on my case halfway through the process and never wavered from my initial stance on my case. He explained everything very clearly and was the reason for my successful outcome. I would highly recommend him to anybody in the Augusta and Savannah area. He can help you.”


“Finding a good lawyer is an intimidating task. When I first needed representation, the clock was ticking, and interview after interview with local attorneys in Augusta proved frustrating. Most of them seemed either entirely apathetic to my plight or too eager to verbally overcompensate for their lack of experience and meager understanding of the law.

Mr. Young spent a great deal of time speaking with me, getting to know me, advising me on all of the matters in which the legal process impinged on my career, and giving me the best information he possibly could. He has represented me in some of the most harrowing times I’ve ever experienced and has delivered remarkable results that have literally given me my life back. His legal services may cost more than others’, but he truly delivers and will not settle for a mediocre result just to have your case out of the way as many lawyers have done with other unhappy people I’ve encountered along the way.

Mr. Young has a pleasant demeanor with everyone from court aides and bailiffs to judges and attorneys, but a bulldog style of legal representation that allows the often detached authorities of the system to recognize your potential as a worthy citizen and to impose a fair decision. I am indebted to Mr. Young, as he has encouraged and supported me in my personal as well as legal affairs. I highly recommend his services to anyone who needs serious and effective representation.”


“Mr. Young was the first person I turned to handle my legal issues and I am glad I looked no further, as he handled my case with great care and concern. He looked out for my best interest and made sure I was aware with all that was going on. I am very pleased with the service I received.”

A Satisfied Client

“Pete called me personally after hours the first time I called to set me at ease. He kept calm and cool which helps get through it.if he is busy, Linda will help to communicate to him and get you an answer.”


“I would defiantly recommend Elmer H. Young to all. He was very helpful and knowledgeable. He has a way of putting both life experiences and your case together in order to give you a break down on how things will play out in your situation. Being able to break down terminology and facts in the order that he does speak volumes.”


“If you’re in legal difficulties, you need Pete Young. He cares about his clients and will make a big difference in the outcome of your case, even if you opt for a guilty plea. The penal system—and especially Sentinel Offender Services—is guilty of treating individuals in a demeaning manner and promoting recidivism.

Pete has the ability to see through the fog, and he makes you feel that you’re still a worthwhile human. He knows how to work the system and will “push the envelope” when he thinks that it might make a difference.”

A Satisfied Client

“By far, hands down, the best attorney ever.”

A Satisfied Client

“Took the time to discuss my options in two different cases. Very informative and kind individual.”

Ratliff N.

“Mr. Young’s honesty and professionalism are what stood out to me from the very beginning. You would not make any promises to me, to ensure I didn’t have any dream up any false hope. I was going to be held responsible for my actions. Mr. Young delivered a better outcome than I ever could have imagined.”


“Mr. Young was wonderful. He listened to my thoughts regarding my case and valued my input. He was able to show that the arresting officer did not do his due diligence in my arrest and was able to get my charges plead down to a non-traffic violation before I even had my motion hearing. Thank you, Mr. Young!”

A Satisfied Client

“From the initial phone interview (which he provided free of charge) I felt that Mr. Young was genuinely concerned with me as a person and the success of my defense. He put no pressure on me to hire him in that interview; in fact, he encouraged me to think, pray, and research further before making a decision. After I hired Mr. Young he consistently showed himself reliable, knowledgeable, and sympathetic. My case ended well, and the lion’s share of the credit and my deepest thanks go to this excellent counselor.”

A Satisfied Client

“This gent. did an outstanding job for me.THANK YOU VERY MUCH, SIR.”


“Mr. Young is my new go-to lawyer for legal issues regarding traffic violations and common questions.”


“Mr. Young kept me from jail and helped keep my license so I could work! Honest and dependable. Man of his word.”

A Satisfied Client

“We hired Mr. Young after our son was arrested and charged with some serious drug charges in Effingham County. After reading all the reviews on this site, we knew with certainty that he was who we wanted to represent our son and we are very happy with that choice. Mr. Young was great about telling him things that he could do to possibly help with his case. After several months of court appearances and negotiations, Mr. Young was able to get the original offer of 10 years down to 90 days and probation. This was an outcome that at the onset of this entire ordeal, my husband and I never thought would be possible. We cannot thank Mr. Young enough and we highly recommend him.”

A Satisfied Client

“I Went To Mr. Young With A Case That Could Cause Me To Lose My Job In LAw Enforcement. He Helped Me Greatly. I Didn’t Do Anything Wrong And He Helped Me Prove That To The Court. Would Recommend Him In A second To Anyone Who Needed Help. Thanks Again Mr. Young.”

A Satisfied Client

Look, bottom line, I have dealt w attorneys at all levels of business and personal. Pete Young is one of the best attorneys I have ever hired. He is the most effective, responsive, And integrity driven people I know. Not only was my case dismissed, but my fee was Very competitive. Don’t be fooled by your attorney, hire one who cares. Elmer “Pete ” Young.”


“Mr. Young is a man of his word. He said that he would work to the best of his ability in providing the services and attention needed with my case. He did exactly that and more. He was always available and ready to answer any questions I had pertaining to the case. I placed my trust and confidence in his work, skills, and knowledge. My case resulted positively and I can’t thank him enough. I would also like to extend my gratitude to his wife. She was always pleasant, expressed patience and willingness to listen. Her assistance was greatly appreciated throughout this process. Thanks to the both of you.”

A Satisfied Client

“Mr. Elmer is a credible lawyer. He helped me throughout 3 numerous cases, actually helping me to receive the best outcome out of all three. Mr. Young is trustworthy and available not only for hiring, but great consultation as well. I would not hesitate to hire Mr. Young again or recommend him to anyone in need of his assistance.”

Kyle S.

“Very knowledgeable. He gave me a free consultation over the phone and pointed me in the right direction to help me for my case.”


“He was really helpful in my legal matters”