Georgia Child Abuse Attorney

Attorney Endorsements

“I have known Pete for years, and no attorney gets better results. Pete works tirelessly for his clients. His preparation and knowledge are unmatched. When I have a question, I call Pete. No endorsement could be higher. Pete is unfazed by a difficult case or any challenge. You are in good hands.”

Richard L., DUI & DWI Attorney

“Pete is a smart, creative and professional lawyer. I have known him for years and have sent many clients his way. They always thank me and are very happy with his wonderful representation!”

Abbi T., Appeals Attorney

“Pete Young is my go-to person for all things in the Augusta area. I have referred many cases to him in Augusta and have been thanked by those he has represented. Pete works hard for his clients and is well respected.”

Jeffery R., DUI & DWI Attorney

“Pete is a talented trial lawyer and a tireless researcher. His attention to detail has surprised his opponents regularly when they wake up too late and find he has beaten them. He can “out lawyer” the other side and win the most hopeless of cases. Quite a good lawyer.”

Charles M., DUI & DWI Attorney

“Pete has been a friend and colleague for many years. He is very conscientious and works extremely hard for his clients, a true litigator.”

James D., DUI & DWI Attorney

“I have known Pete for the nine years, and I have relied on his advice countless times, and I have witnesses Pete assist fellow lawyers hundreds of times. He is as dedicated to the defense of drinking drivers as any lawyer that I have seen. I recommend Pete highly.”

Richard R., DUI & DWI Attorney

“I endorse this lawyer. A great knowledgeable attorney who is willing to fight for his clients till the end.”

John E., Car Accident Attorney

“I endorse Elmer. He is a renowned lawyer and advocate.”

John A., Personal injury Attorney

“Elmer is a dedicated attorney, who aggressively advocates for his clients. He is detailed-oriented and has a wide breadth of knowledge and experience in bankruptcy, medical malpractice, and criminal defense matters. I highly recommend him.”

Seth G., Medical Malpractice Attorney

“I have prosecuted many cases where “Pete” was representing the defendant. I have consistently found him to be well prepared, extremely knowledgeable of the current law, articulate and the right mix of charming and aggressive. He always obtains the best result possible for his clients. I would strongly endorse this attorney!”

Billy T., DUI & DWI Attorney

“I endorse Pete. He is a highly skilled attorney that is well respected in the legal community.”

Rudolfo V., Personal Injury Attorney

“Mr. Young is an excellent lawyer. I needed his assistance when I had a client from California that was on probation in GA. Mr. Young was professional, helpful and very nice. If I ever need help with a client’s case in GA I’ll be calling Mr. Young.”

Thomas W., DUI & DWI Attorney

“Mr. Young was able to help in a very complicated case where I represented the client in CA and he represented the client in GA. By working together we were able to keep the client out of jail. I endorse Mr. Young!”

Robert H., DUI & DWI Attorney

“I endorse this lawyer. Mr. Young is one of the best lawyers in GA. He is professional, honest and just a great person and attorney!”

James M., Nursing Home Abuse

“Mr. Young is a highly regarded and highly effective attorney. If a family member or friend was in trouble, I would not hesitate to refer them to Mr. Young for help. I endorse this lawyer.”

Villy S., Criminal Defense Attorney